Through our close collaboration with top Spanish Banking Groups we are able to help and guide you within Spanish banking, wherever you are.


Together, we give you access to a complete and personalized banking service with easy communication.

SPANIENFONDER can help you open a bank account, inform you about mortgages, investment products, home insurance, bank repossessions etc. as well as offering advice and help you create the professional network you need to get established in Spain.


In connection with a property purchase it is necessary to open a Spanish bank account, from which payments by direct debit are made of recurrent bills related to the property (electricity, water, municipal taxes, etc.). We will guide you through the entire process  by organizing documentation, find appropriate branch, type of bank account and other products or services you might need (online banking, credit card, home insurance, etc.). If possible, we make sure to open your bank account at a branch close to your residence and with staff who speak your language. However, we are always available as your personal bank contact


Do you wish to finance your property purchase? We will help you explore the possibilities of a mortgage, inform you of terms and conditions, organize documentation etc. Terms can vary, partly depending on whether you are a permanent resident in Spain or not or if you are buying in the name of a Company.


Bank repossessions, insurance, inheritance- and tax planning, tax declarations, corporate finance and establishement etc.

We offer advice and help to create the network you need, making sure you get contact with knowledgeable and well-established professionals within sectors of your interest to get your life in Spain organized.


SPANIENFONDER has for many years been offering a personalized and efficient banking service to foreigners linked with Spain.
Please contact us for further information.

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